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The worlds of sport, lifestyle and fashion collide at Puma, which has a history of cladding sporting superheroes. Ever since Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics wearing Puma spikes, the brand has accompanied Boris Becker to Wimbledon, Pele to the World Cup, and Usain Bolt to the Beijing Olympic Games. As well as producing footwear, apparel and accessories for sports, Puma has collaborated with fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Sergio Rossi.



  • Call : 0512-69563317
  • Visit : www.puma.com.cn
  • Store location : 苏州市工业园区阳澄环路969号比斯特苏州购物村(奕欧来)177号
Opening HoursHow to get here 


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